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Loon's Landing

263A Hass Road, Alban , Ontario P0M 1A0



263A Hass Road,
Alban, Ontario
P0M 1A0

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+1 705-857-2175

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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Treated fairly rude by the owner upon first visit.. Things started nice when we first spoke with Angela (owners daughter I assume) on the phone. We just arrived in the area, and unfortunately ran out of water in our camper (were new owners) and it was quite hot.. So we asked if we could fill some water, and Angela was more than kind by saying 'glad to help!' We purchased some stuff from the store because we were appreciative for her help, and also asked about their facility and boat launch (turned out to be far too steep to launch from the hill it was on) but we were getting to know the area and the services this campground had, when the owner suddenly marched over and started 'interrogating' us on why we're filling water, if we would be staying with them, and when I didn't 'appease' her by saying I wasn't sure where we would be staying yet, she told us to stop pumping the water and how this this kind of thing was 'inappropriate'.. I instantly felt like a child again being scolded by my mother.. Quite embarrassing.. On top of that while I was about to drive away, I could hear her talking with other guests in front of us about how we were 'just trying to get water' or something to that effect.. Super embarrassing.. So even though the owner may be super sweet when everything is in her favour, you can see the true colors beneath the surface when even a small thing like water crosses her inner greed/high horse.. We ended up staying at another campground later in the week, so chances are if she was a little less abrasive we would have chosen to stay there, and she would have earned hundreds on her measly $1 water handout, but I'm glad we got to see this side of her right off the bat, because we are looking to become regulars in the French River area due to the amazing fishing, and we definitely don't want to be dealing with petty drama like she brings to the table while on our beautiful northern Ontario retreat..
    By SuperSurferSilver, March 28, 2017
  • Great place nice people , fishing rocks and the place is beautiful . the owners are really nice folks as well. definitely would recommend booking a site or cabin early they book up fast.
    By Dawn George, December 03, 2016
  • I have always had good experiences with thus family been going back there for over 8 years niw
    By Jamie Butler, November 08, 2016
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About Loon's Landing in Alban

Loon's Landing is a park in Alban, Ontario. Loon's Landing is located at 263A Hass Road.

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